2012 Color Trends for Home Design: Color Concepts

2012 color trends for home design

2012 color trends for home design? Do you already guess what kind of color that will be trend in 2012? A color expert said in 2012, natural color is still a good option. This is quite interesting because 2012 color trends for home design have become a warm topic conversation.

2012 color trends for home designWhat are natural colors categories as 2012 color trends for home design?

Some themes and colors depicting natural vegetation, lakes, seas, rivers, rocks and all of it is still become a favorite. A decorating expert advises against trying some natural color options as a primary color scheme to give a new touch to rooms in your home. Continue reading

2012 Home Design Trends: Color Schemes

2012 home design trends

Every year, it’s good to change your home concept so not look boring and show something new. You don’t need to spend lots of money for this, simply by changing the color scheme and it can be part of 2012 home design trends.

What kind of color scheme can be applied as 2012 home design trends?

Blue and green can be proper color choice and give a different impression. This could bring a new atmosphere and inspiration. Let’s find out more about both of these colors.

1. Blue color scheme. This color can give you peace emotional and makes you calm. This color reminds you of obvious elements such as water and sky, this could give freshness to your mind. This is one of proper color choice as 2012 home design trends. Continue reading

Natural Home Design Ideas: Rustic Concept

natural home design ideas

Rustic concept could be one of interesting natural home design ideas. Rustic concept has its own uniqueness and gives a different impression for your home, maybe some people will be amazed with design you choose.

natural home design ideasIf you want to apply rustic concept as part of natural home design ideas, there are some things you need to apply.

1. First of all, you must have walls or floors surface which is dominated by natural materials such as stone or wood. This requires major changes if you are interested to apply full rustic concept as one of rustic natural home design ideas. But it can be overcome by making some small changes by using furniture. Continue reading

Valentine Celebration Party Home Design

valentine celebration home design

Do you want to celebrate valentine at home? Have you actually got an idea to decorate your house? Well, maybe you can try some following tips about valentine celebration home design.

valentine celebration home designSeveral steps should be done if you want to apply valentine celebration home design, namely:

1. Put some banners and paper hangings. That could be an interesting idea. You only need few materials such as paper, cardboard, pens or markers with different colors. Make craft something and then stick on ceilings or walls. You can also make a banner and put it on front door, it can make a valentine celebration home design becomes more attractive. Continue reading

Romantic Dining Room Furniture Ideas

romantic dining room ideas

Have dining room with romantic nuances is something exciting for any couple. There you can enjoy dinner together and you can realize romantic dining room ideas by combining some dining room furniture ideas. By proper placement of dining room furniture ideas then romantic dinner atmosphere will lull you both.

romantic dining room ideasHere are some steps to implement romantic dining room ideas, namely:

1. Table and chairs.

You must select appropriate tables and chairs to one another. Buying a set table and chairs can be a good choice but if you liked to mix and match, try to do some combination. If you want romantic dining room ideas, you shouldn’t choose a long dining table. Chairs for dinner must be adapted to dining table. Continue reading

Romantic Bedroom Paint Colors Design Ideas

romantic bedroom design ideas

Do you want to change your bedroom become warmer and romantic? There are several elements must be done if you want to apply romantic bedroom design ideas and one of them is choose a romantic bedroom paint colors right. There are many romantic bedroom paint colors can give a different impression to room and becomes warmer, what color should you apply?

romantic bedroom design ideasBefore applying romantic bedroom paint colors, you must remember that it not only includes existing color on walls or ceilings.

But all elements that are in the room such as chairs, cabinets, chandeliers, linens and so forth.

1. Jewel tones. You can give color theme in the room with jewel tones, this could provide dramatic impression. There are different types colors collections, please select appropriate one and not too excessive. If you are decorating room for couples, it is better to negotiate in advance about colors selection. Continue reading