Three Paint Ideas for Bathroom to Give a Great Effect

Within a few months, bathroom could look dull and outdated. To overcome this, we can make small change but able to give a great effect. Change walls color is the best way but there are some things you should consider first.

To get perfect result, it is advisable to use textured paint but had to choose a paint that won’t affected by humidity. Let us check paint ideas for bathroom below:

1. Color can help create desired theme. Use dark red if you want to have a bathroom looks bold while spring green or sky blue suitable for those who want a bathroom with an outdoor theme.

paint ideas for bathroom

Some colors can make a small bathroom feel bigger like egg shell, white and beige. All those three neutral colors can be combined with other colors and decorative accessories for bathroom wall.

paint ideas for bathroom

2. Colors able to evoke mood and creating positive energy. If you want to wake up and get spirit in the morning, decorate the walls with violets or reds. To bring a calming effect, use blues. Use green, orange and yellow which able to give cheerful effect.

paint ideas for bathroom

3. The most important thing is choosing a paint that not easily dull and damaged by damp. Use quality paint which unable affected by moisture. We can use indoor paints made especially for bathrooms. Some paint brands made specifically to resist moisture.

That’s three paints can decorate bathroom walls completely. We can also apply the paint ideas for small bathrooms.

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