Four Basement Family Room Ideas with Cheerful Nuance

Some people have different perception for the basement, even some of them afraid to go there because dark. But if you find the best space to build family room, we can turn the basement as attractive and comfortable place to spend time.

How? Here are basement family room ideas we can begin to try, namely:

1. There are many reasons why someone is afraid go to basement, this room rarely get sunlight, especially during the day. We can make it seem cheerful by using bright and dramatic colors such as green, blue or orange.

basement family room ideas

For furniture, we can cover it with bright colors to complement the atmosphere. Don’t forget to coat with white trim if you want to use bright colors.

basement family room ideas

2. In order to make family room design feels lively, bright and dramatic color isn’t enough. Give artworks on the walls. We don’t need to buy expensive artworks, go to your local store posters because there is plenty of choice with different sizes. We recommend you to choose large poster to make the wall becomes attractive.

basement family room ideas

3. Another reason choosing basement as a family room is a spacious room. There is a lot of space we can use. Put screen to divide the room for different purposes.

basement family room ideas

4. Give a texture on the floor and walls to strengthen warm and cozy atmosphere. We can put shag rug on the floor and plaster finishes on the walls.

That’s four basement family room ideas we may easily apply. In essence, use light colors to remove bad impression about the basement.

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