The Best Ideas to Run Nursery for Unknown Gender

Before decorating a baby nursery, some people are trying to find out their baby’s gender by using ultrasound. Why? This is the best way to get ideas to decorate baby nursery. However, some people prefer not to find out their baby’s gender. They just want to guess to find the surprising answers.

nursery ideas for unknown gender

It doesn’t prevent them to decorate baby nursery, even they feel challenged! If you want to do the same thing, but didn’t know what to do, we will discuss nursery ideas for unknown gender.

1. Start choosing the best color scheme. Since you don’t know your baby’s gender, choose a neutral color like white. If you want alternative color, you may consider cream or green.

Blues and pinks are colors you should shun. Both of these colors have a close relationship with gender.

nursery ideas for unknown gender

2. Don’t choose a theme related to gender, in this case, you may not use theme like dolls or vehicles. Choose a neutral theme like Winnie the Pooh or animals in the forest.

3. Toys and decoration is very important to liven up the baby nursery. However, you need to avoid toys like dolls or vehicles. You can choose neutral toys which played by girls or boys. Stuffed animals become the right choice!

Well, nursery ideas for unknown gender aren’t too complicated, right? Try these three ideas above!

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