Simple Bathroom Designs: 3 Steps Using Old Stuff

Do you want to change your bathroom decor with little cost? Try to make simple bathroom designs. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, simply by spend out funds to buy equipment that tailored to the needs and bathroom size. By applying simple bathroom designs, you don’t even need professional services. You can do it by yourself.

Simple bathroom designs

What should be done to carry out simple bathroom designs without professional services?

1. Whether your bathroom has a shower curtain? If not, you can set it up as extra accessories. Buy a new shower curtain with good condition then you need spend money but you can change by using bed sheet . Use old or not used bed sheet, you can prepare ahead to turn it into a shower curtain.

2. If you need extra storage, you don’t need to buy a new cabinet. You can use medicine cabinet that has been unused. If your home doesn’t have a medicine cabinet then you can buy the used goods. It’s more efficient, right? It’s a part of simple bathroom designs.

3. In order room look more spacious bathroom, you can put a mirror in large or medium size. The mirror can reflects light making the bathroom look more spacious. You can buy a mirror at a cheap price.

That’s three easy steps to carry out simple bathroom designs.

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