Small Kitchen Makeovers: 5 Simple Things You Can Do

Change your kitchen decor to give different atmosphere than before. Small kitchen makeovers can be done simply with limited funding. You can also apply different themes and concepts as you wish.

small kitchen makeovers

Here are some steps of small kitchen makeovers that you can do:

1. To make kitchen look more spacious, you can replace old appliances with new ones. Choose appliances with sleek and efficient size for the room. You can also choose appliances that tailored to concept / theme of kitchen.

2. For storage, you can choose small-sized cabinets and shelves. One thing from small kitchen makeovers that you can do is put up cabinet with vertical concept and you can put up shelves on the walls. How is it? Are you interest to try it?

3. You could put a kitchen door or none at all. Perhaps you are interested in using a sliding door.

4. Each person craves a kitchen island in their kitchen. But this could take space but you can choose medium or small, choose a movable concept.

5. One part of small kitchen makeovers is gives a touch of accessories and d├ęcor. You can add as interior kitchen countertop or backsplash.

That’s five things related to small kitchen makeovers.

There are many other interesting things you can do and one of them is small kitchen decorating ideas.

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